Tempio di Segesta - 📷 Alice Boschiroli @pannicina.

The Elymians, who lavished such attention on the temple in Erice, settled Sagest in the 12th century BC. By the 5th century BC, when Segesta’s temple was built, the city had been heavily influenced by the Greeks who had colonized the island. It was busy warring with Selinunte, its neighbour on the southern coast. The temple and a well-preserved theatre 4km away (with shuttle bus service) are the only sizable remains of the ancient city, which is still being excavated. Their isolation, in green hills about 30km (18 miles) east of Trapani, lend the site a singular beauty. Both are among the finest monuments of antiquity, and both are set on hills looking over the rolling countryside and the sea.

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