Ragusa Ibla – πŸ“· Alessia Cascone @aleksja_15

Ragusa, 50km (30miles) west of Noto, is another Baroque town, at least half of one, since the older Baroque section, Ragusa Ibla, is separated from the newer, more ordinary Ragusa Superiore by a deep gorge. A flight of 242 steps climbs up and down the hillsides into the quiet streets and piazzas of Ragusa Ibla, the church of Santa Maria delle Scale is a welcome spot to rest midway and enjoy a stunning view over the ochre-colored town. At the highest point of Ragusa Ibla is the Piazza Duomo and Basilica di San Giorgio, the city centerpiece. Palm trees, a curving staircase leading up to the church and a facade of columns and balconies create a masterfully Baroque scene.

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